Price Guide

Please Keep in mind that this is a price guide only.

This is a custom cake business and depending on the length, time and design of a cake will reflect in the price.

During wedding cake consultations we will discuss designs.  It is best to have a cake design in mind of what you would like & your cake budget prior to the Cake consultation, please email them through. I will have a few different concepts on cake designs for you. I am not able to copy cakes however i can implement certain ideas from that cake to make it your own.

Basic Price Guite

Mini Cupcakes From $1.20 Each Minimum 36 order (Basic vanilla Cake )

Standard Cupcake From $3.50 Each Minimum Order 12 ( Basic butter Cake ) 5cm diameter Larger than Patty cakes smaller than texas muffin size

Large Muffin Size Cupcake From ( Texas Muffin) $4.00 each Minimum order 12 ( Basic vanilla Cake )

  • Dessert Size portion is 2.5 x 5 x 9cm high
  • Coffee Size is half of the dessert sized portion
  • Remember when ordering a cake a square cake will serve more people

Novelty and 3D cakes start from $200, Handmade figurines can take 2 hours to make and Novelty cakes are hand carved.

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