Order Confirmation & Quotations:

Orders must be places no less than 2 weeks prior for a normal celebration cake.

Wedding cake orders should be placed a minimum 3-8 months prior, with this kept in mind it is best to book in a cake consultation asap as soon as you have a venue and date arranged. The cake design can be finalised at a later date.

Cake A Break limits its wedding cake orders to ensure it is a perfectly designed and executed cake specially made for your perfect day.

Please note September-March are high wedding season and your date may already be unavailable. I currently have accepted a wedding cake booking for November 2015.

Cake a Break will quote for your special order, our quotes are valid for 7 days, to confirm any order a retainer of $50 is required to maintain the date.  Retainers are non refundable.  If the quote is not accepted within 7 days Cake a Break will release the reserved date to the next order.

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